Unable to find template path in published client


I have a project in which I can’t create new templates and instantiate them. Whenever I work in the staging environment, everything work fine. But when I published it, each instance is overlaid and I have two repeating error in the console:

  • Unable to find template for path:
  • Unable to find target UDT property

My UDTs work, the UDTs tag work, when I create a random shape (like a simple rectangle) with one of the UDT bound to the “Fill Color” it works.

I tried many things but nothing works:

  • Recreate the template from scratch, with same/different path, on same/different page
  • Create different template with other UDT parameter
  • Empty the local and the servers cache
  • Restart the main and the backup gateways
  • Restart the gateways’ servers
  • Export my templates, and re-import them

I created a new project, and I don’t have this problem, so I assume there is a problem with my specific project. Is there a way to recompile the project? Do you have any other suggestion because I am running out of ideas…

Thank you.

What version of Ignition are you using? Are the templates in the original project inside of a folder? If you use auto-publishing mode, does everything show up correctly?

I have the exact same problem with my project. The templates and associated UDTs work fine in the designer but they don’t work in the published client. And I get the exact same error messages even though the templates exist in the correct location and their path references are correct.

I think it’s only happening with new templates that I’ve created since upgrading to 7.9.
All the existing templates work fine. Just to clarify, these are project templates and not shared templates.

Any help would be much appreciated.


We managed to correct the situation.

Since only the staging version worked, what we did is:
1 - export the staging version from the gateway main page
2 - import the staging version under a different name
3 - delete the first project
4 - rename the second project like the first

I think we force the gateway to recreate a published version from the staging which worked, but this is only supposition.

I’m having the same issue and have had this issue before. My resolution before 7.9 was to find the resources directly in the raw setting viewer, delete them manually via query and re-import the resources.

I don’t think we have access to the raw settings viewer in 7.9 so I’m a bit stuck. I don’t have the control to be restarting my gateway all the time.

We are having the same issue. Looks fine in the Designer/Staging Version. Published version “Unable to find template for path:…” Designer, Staging, and Published are all open on the same machine. Tried clearing caches, renaming templates, creating from scratch, renaming components in window, etc. Nothing has worked yet. Anyone have any luck fixing this?


Designer/Clients on OSX 10.11.6, Java 1.8.0_111-b14
Gateway v7.9.0, Windows 7, Java 1.8.0_65-b17

Recently updated from 7.8.3 to 7.9.0. Templates that are causing problems are templates created after upgrading to 7.9.0.

One interesting thing I just noticed. For us, it only happens if we put the templates into a new folder. If we put the templates in a folder that existed in the project pre v7.9.0, they show up just fine. Even works if we take a template that is currently not working and copy/paste into an old folder. Soon as you do that, the templates work fine in the published project. If you take a template that is currently working and copy/paste into a new folder, it can’t find the path.

Thought this might be useful info.


We also have the same problem with new folders. When we create new folders than delete them, they sometimes reappear in the designer a few moments later.

Worked with support and we figured out what was causing the problem that I was seeing. It is all centered around the Save/Publish button(s). For some reason if you have the Project set to Manual Publish Mode (one button for save and a separate button for publish) it breaks when sending out anything that is in a new folder. This includes Script Library Packages, Window Folders, and Template folders. I was told a fix for this will be included in 7.9.1.

In the mean time, if you want a workaround, here are the steps (Note: This will push out everything that is currently NOT published, so if there are things you do not want to Publish yet, do not follow these steps):

[ul]1) Switch to Auto Publish Mode in your Project Properties
2) Save/Publish the changes to the Project Properties
3) Go to the folders that are not showing up in the Published Project and make a change to a script/window/template that is inside the folder
4) Save/Publish the change (Publish Global if prompted)[/ul]

Everything should now show up in the Published version of the project. Afterwards you can switch back to Manual Publish Mode if you want. Just keep in mind you will need to follow these steps each time you add a new folder, at least until 7.9.1.


We encountered this as well, def a bug that made heads scratch for awhile :scratch:

It is fixed in 7.9.1 Beta 1 if you need a fix now. I upgraded onto that and no longer have issues. Thanks to support for identifying to problem so quickly.