Unable to historize / chart "Uncertain" Data Quality tag values

I have an OPC UA device set up in Ignition 8.1 with a MySQL database for tag historization. I am using Easy Charts in Vision to create tag plots. Whenever a tag goes from "Good" data quality to "Uncertain" data quality, it appears that the tag no longer gets historized and no longer displays on the chart. Is there a way to force Ignition to historize and display all data qualities in charts?

This appears to happen frequently with tags for this device even though and I know that the instrumentation is actually good but the device flags it is as uncertain. The manufacturer has acknowledged that it is an issue; however, since it's an off the shelf device, it would be very difficult tfor them to create a fix and push it to its customers within a reasonable amount of time.

Directly on that tag? No. But you can create a derived tag, and use the forceQuality() expression function to make it "good" anyways. Historize the latter tag.

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