Unable to include .glb file in module resources, or webapps/main folder

I am trying to pull a .glb or .gltf file into perspective and visualize it through WebGL

I have managed to setup the WebGL component, create objects in it in the runtime, and interact with them in the browser.

However I am unable to access the two file types mentioned above in the module. I have tried putting them in the /res/modulealias/img folder that the example uses, as well as in /webapps/main and in both cases I receive an error stating the following two errors:

onerrorLogger: {"stack":"TypeError: Cannot read property 'response' of undefined\n    at http://localhost:8088/res/ThreeDViewer/ThreeDViewer.js?no_cache=1588739061627:41007:25\n    at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (http://localhost:8088/res/perspective/xhr-length-computable.min.js:3:10)","message":"Cannot read property 'response' of undefined","name":"TypeError","logData":{"msg":"Uncaught Exception","errorMsg":"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'response' of undefined","url":"http://localhost:8088/res/ThreeDViewer/ThreeDViewer.js?no_cache=1588739061627","line number":41007,"column":25}}
ThreeDViewer.js?no_cache=1588739061627:41007 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'response' of undefined
    at ThreeDViewer.js?no_cache=1588739061627:41007
    at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (xhr-length-computable.min.js:3)

I know by default not all MIME types are enabled in a default website setup in IIS, I am not sure how its managed with Ignition but is there any chance that Ignition’s webserver is not allowing these two file types through by default? And if that is the case, is there a way to change that in the module configuration?

Thanks for any help,
Keith G.

UPDATE: I also have tried pointing to a folder on the drive directly, and learned that browsers do not like that

Second Update: I dont recieve any errors in the designer, just the following console log item:

17:19:54.033 [Browser Events Thread] INFO Perspective.Designer.BrowserConsole - [object ProgressEvent]

This turned out to be a bug in one of the source files for threejs not Ignition!