Unable to install Ignition Maker Edition on Windows

Hi All,

I have installed the standard version, now I have been following the video to install the Maker Ignition.

So I open the same installer I used for the standard one, but it allows me only to update the standard ignition and even at the end of the upgrade, it opens straight away the Standard Ignition webpage, doing so it automatically skips the selection page. I am basically not able to see this page (picture below)

What is that I am doing wrong?

You'll have to uninstall the standard edition, and probably completely delete the install folder. While it is technically possible to install two Ignition services on the same machine, it isn't simple.

This looks like it just might be a CSS goof. Do you have any other web browsers you can try? That looks like Internet Explorer.

Alright, thanks then I will not worry about it too much.

This error was on Firefox, not explorer.