Unable to install on MacBook Catalina

Does anyone know how to fix this? It looks like Maker cannot be installed on Catalina

Try right-click > open on the installer. You may need to copy it out of the dmg first.

Thanks for the reply Kevin. I am not sure what you mean by copy it out of the dmg. I open the dmg and it shows the installer. Double-clicking on the installer causes the malicious software error. Are you saying I should right click and open on the installer, as I have done here? That produces the same result

You don’t see this dialog instead? with the extra “Open” button?

Aha, got it. I do see the Open button. I have another question; the download for Maker gave me the ignition-8.16-osx-installer.dmg. Is this full Ignition or Maker? I know that Maker cannot coexist on the same machine as full Ignition, so I want to make sure I am only installing Ignition

They are all the same, you choose which edition (Edge, Maker, Standard) the first time it starts up.