Unable to Launch Client

One of our clients is having trouble launching ignition client on their PC, they are able to launch the designer but unable to launch the client. This is only occuring on one specific PC as when he uses his login details on another PC it works with no problems. It was launching for him fine up until this morning please see below the errors he is getting when trying to launch.

We have carried out the following steps already.
Restarted the PC (An oldie but a goodie), Cleared the Cache and Tried to launch it from designer (same error appeared)

What changed between last night and this morning? Was there a Java update, anything else?

The client informs me that there was no updates or changes to his PC between yesterday and this morning, he has uninstalled and re installed java 7 (He did this about an hour ago).

Did this correct the issue?

Unfortunately no, this did not resolve the issue.

The next thing that you can try is this

On his machine, make sure the designer is closed, and anything else Ignition related.

Navigate to the C:\users\his username and delete the .ignition folder. This is the cache location for Ignition.

If this doesn’t work then something is getting corrupt somewhere on that computer. This could be a sign of a hard drive crash/problem that is developing.

Thanks Greg,

His IT Department are looking into it at the moment.

Let us know what you find out.