Unable to launch Staging Client from Designer

I have a very weird problem.
When I try to launch the staging client from designer, I get the following error. There is no logs (even when relevant loggers elevated to ALL) in the console. The client is just starting and I will see the error dialog.

Now for the weird part. If I launch the Published version first, it will start up with no errors. If I retry the staging version after, it will start up. If I shut down the published version and retry the staging, it will give me the same error.
The staging version was published and should be identical.

I have Ignition v7.7.7 running on Linux Debian Wheezy.


Found it!!
Under Global Scripts–> shared, I had a ‘new package’ with scripts under that. My thinking was that the package was more like a folder. When I deleted this package and the scripts it contained, it started working again.