Unable to launch the application

Client is not able to launch project from jnlp file on his computer.
I can do it on my computer with no problem.
Client has latest Java version.
Screenshot attached:

I got the same thing today, did you upgrade your version of java today?

When i logged in JAVA updated and now im stuck.

I know this is fixed in Ignition 7.6.4 and probably Ignition 7.5.11.

This is a problem with the latest Java version, update 51.

I had trouble finding the Java 7.45 download. You can download it directly or do a Google search: download java 7 45 (look for “Download Java 7 Update 45 - javadl - Sun Microsystems”)

So the only solution is to roll back the recent Java update?


Or upgrade Ignition. Or try the workaround given on this webpage: java.com/en/download/help/java_blocked.xml

I ended up rolling back for the short term, but will upgrade ignition as a true solution. Thanks for your input, much appreciated.

Mat Kent.

That was the case, new Java and unupgraded Ignition.

Apparently changing the security settings in Java Control Panel to Medium also works around this problem or still slightly more secure by adding the full http url used by your server in jnlp files including http and port (e.g. )