Unable to load any projects because of 'lookup error'

I booted up Ignition one day to start working. I logged in successfully to the designer and got to the screen where you select a project. However, when I tried to load a project, it would give me this error:

[quote]LookupError: no codec search functions registered: can’t find encoding ‘utf-8’

Ignition v7.7.2 (b2014121709)
Java: Oracle Corporation 1.8.0_60[/quote]

I’ve tried re-installing Java, updating to the latest version available to me, and looked all around the internet but I’ve been unable to fix this issue. All I know is that no projects will load, from the designer or from the Gateway directly running as a client. None of my coworkers have had this issue, and our laptops are all standardized.
I have 2 questions:
A: Is there something I did to cause this that I should avoid, or did it just sorta happen (This one is less important)
B: How do I fix this so I can get back to work? (This one is extremely important)

  1. Does the native client launcher work?
  2. Can you get a gateway backup?
  3. If you can get a gateway backup, do so, then try to restore it on another system running a clean install of 7.7.8.
  4. If that restores successfully and you can launch projects, then I would say to uninstall and reinstall Ignition on your main computer - and while you’re doing that, update to 7.7.8.

I found some internal tickets with the same LookupError related to 7.6 -> 7.7 migration; nothing that should have occured at 7.7.2 but it’s hard to tell. In either case, a clean install should be the ‘nuclear option’ that resolves things - and as long as you’ve got a .gwbk nothing will be lost.

Native client launchers don’t seem to work, they give the same answer. I’ll try what you suggested the next time we’re shut down for maintenance. Thanks for your help