'Unable to load hook class ' exception deploying module


I’m trying to deploy a new test module generated with the opc-ua-driver-archetype.
The problem comes posting the modl to the gateway using the post goal…
I get; Unable to load hook class “it.italprogetti.DriverHook”.
Looking the .modl it seems the DriverHook class is placed in the right path(as specified in the pom.xml)

this is a part of the pom.xml





Where is the problem?


Can you upload or send a copy of your built module and tell us what version of Ignition you’re trying to install it on?

Not an expert on our dependency resolution, but as far as I know there should be an indication that your module relies on the OPC-UA module in order to build. Are you using one of the module builder plugins?

My Ignition Version is 7.9.6
I’m using the ignition maven plugin to build and post the module.

This is ta copy built module…
test-driver-Driver-Module-unsigned.modl (2.3 KB)

@PGriffith is correct that it’s missing a <depends> entry.

Copy it from this example: https://github.com/inductiveautomation/ignition-sdk-examples/blob/master/ModbusDriverExample/mde-build/pom.xml

and see if that fixes it.

added the depends entry and now it works.

Thank you very much Kevin for the support.


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The link is invalid!
Could I have a copy of 'ModbusDriverExample', please?

The Modbus driver example is deprecated, there is no reason you need to reference it for anything. If you’re building a new driver/device module then look at the device example on GitHub.

Thank you, Kevin
But I need it to increase my knowledge.
Also, I want to use some of the codes to easily create a setting page interface.
Please send it to me via 'behzad.ebrahimi@FeedEngineering.com'