Unable to log in, too many clients running

I get the above message on my machine as I am attempting to attach my first client. How do I correct this? I have verified that this also happens on a fresh reboot without the designer running.

I have cleared the client list, but now I just get a blank screen when running the project.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Ignition. Now when I launch the designer, I get two login screens.

I am still only getting a blank screen when launching the project. Everything looks fine when I am in the designer.

Have you set one of your windows to be “Open on Startup”?

Right-click the window you want and check that option.

Yes, I have several windows and everything was fine yesterday.

Do you have a limited version of the Vision module?

I am guessing I can have 2 clients. The problem is that I didn’t have any clients running. I found that the gateway thought that I still had clients running.

Right, you can terminate the clients on that page. Clients can stay open in remote desktop sessions or if you used task manager to close the client.

Unfortunately, I had to use alt+F4 to end the program because every time I updated the application, all of my windows would close and I was left with a blank screen.

I was using full screen mode with the menubar hidden because this is how I would like to deliver the product to my customer.

Will the session ever correct itself (like after a reboot)? I am concerned that my customer will not be able to resolve this issue on their own.

I believe after a reboot or even a restart of the gateway the abandoned clients will go away.

This problem also occurs when running in full screen mode and you press the Windows button and then close the client from the task bar. For some reason the Java process is never terminated.

To avoid this you should provide some sort of way to gracefully exit the client, like a button that calls system.util.exit(). You could then put security on this button that way only an administrator or user with the allowed roles could press the button.

That would work if I had a window availble to put the button on. The problem was caused by the fact that the application was opening and then closing all available windows. This still happens ocassionally. For the moment, I have changed my application to allow a menu bar just in case I can’t get this resolved.

Full-screen clients closed by alt-f4 or the task menu (anything other than kill process) should now exit Java gracefully. Abandoned client sessions should time-out after 10 minutes.


I have the same issue on Ignition Edge. It shows too many clients running


I close the SCADA application for about 10 minutes ago but when I check the status on web browser, it still shows one active client. Every time i need to terminate it from here.

Anyone know the root cause ?

This pops up in the forum every now and then, and generally, it turns out to be a result of having a single user license.

Edit: I somehow overlooked the close out sentence in your post.