Unable to open debugger port

I'm following along this video for attaching a debugger to a remote JVM in IntelliJ for the vision client.

SDK Debugging Using Breakpoints Video at Inductive University

However, when I launch the application in the vision client launcher and then start debugging in IntelliJ, it gives me an error
Error running 'Client SDK Debug': Unable to open debugger port (localhost:8003): java.net.ConnectException "Connection refused: connect"

The debuggers for designer and gateway work fine. Here is my setup:

I tried switching to a different port but that doesn't work either. Same error.

Hmm, works fine for me.

Do you see port 8003 listening in netstat?

PS C:\Users\Kevin> netstat -a | Select-String '8003'

  TCP           kevin-wx:0             LISTENING

I do not. The terminal just keeps waiting but it doesn't catch the string.