Unable to open window in Designer

I’m having trouble opening two windows in the designer. Everything else works fine, just not these two windows. Attempting to open them gives the error

[quote]RuntimeException: Cannot call Component.firePropertyChange.
caused by InvocationTargetException
caused by NullPointerException
I can’t even open the window to track down the error and fix it. Is there a way to fix the file, or do I need to delete and start again?

Export the windows (if you’re using 7.4 you can shift right-click to show the legacy options). Open them using notepad and find the XML tags for the matching events and delete those sections out or fix the issue if you can spot it. Import the windows and hopefully everything should work fine.

You can export the windows and post it here so we can look at them.

That’s great, I didn’t realize I could do that, thanks!

I just got off the phone with tech support, and apparently it’s a bug that’s been fixed in the 7.4 beta. I’m gonna give the beta a shot and see if that fixes it, and if not I’ll do it manually the way you suggested.

Upgrading to the beta fixed it.

Encountered this problem in 8.0.7 and not sure what to think about it.

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