Unable to package examples, sdk-client jar file not found


First I cloned the Ignition examples project onto my hard drive.

github.com/inductiveautomation/ … k-examples

I tried to run “mvn package” command from under some of the examples root folders; however in many instances the operation aborts due to a specific file missing from the repository, namely ‘sdk-client-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar’.

Maven clearly shows that the file is not available, yet this is supposed to be downloaded automatically from the source, but if it’s not there then Maven just aborts and doesn’t complete the job.

Any idea how to mitigate this?

I have included a screenshot of the error.


Try deleting the repository folder and let Maven to download the repository again. Than it should work. For more answers you can take a look in this thread.

I think we’re missing a repository reference in our SDK’s maven files.

Add this entry to the repositories section of the projects you’re trying to build:


I have run into the same issue 7 months later and the examples have not been updated. It would help alot to the new people like me that is learning the sdk.

To solve the problem, apart form adding the repository from Kevins answer, I had to update the dependencies version in the pom.xml under scripting-rpc-gateway from 7.9.0-SNAPSHOT to 7.9.2-SNAPSHOT.
Also I have updated the ignition-maven-plugin from the version 1.0.9-SNAPSHOT to the 1.0.12, which is the latest at the moment. This is located in the pom.xml under scripting-rpc-build.

After this changes I have been able to build the .modl.