Unable to paste beacuse of unsatified object dependiens

I created a template. I tried to use that template somewhere else. I got the above error. Now I have to recreate the template from scratch because I can’t just fix the problem because I can’t create the object to edit it. :imp:

Why can’t you let me do bad things and just put a big red overlay on it?

I think you mean unable to paste. Yes, that is true. You cannot copy and paste a template that has a binding to a property that doesn’t exist on the new window. You have to remove the bindings before copying and pasting.

(topic corrected)

For what it’s worth, we are slowly moving in that direction. Let me elaborate…

There are many things in our system that have intricate interconnections. (This is an understatement.)

We started with the philosophy of: Don’t let the user configure things wrong. This leads to what you’re experiencing: the system blocking you from proceeding because it would create an invalid situation.

As of a few years ago, we moved pretty solidly into a philosophy of: Let people configure things wrong, and have the system break gracefully with useful diagnostic information. We’ve found that people like this better and find it less frustrating.

That said, it takes time for us to circle back to systems that work just fine, but follow philosophy #1 and totally re-invent them to follow philosophy #2. Patience.

as least you didn’t call me Grasshopper :smiling_imp:

I was tempted, what with my philosophizing and all :wink: