Unable to reach the configuration page from outside network

When I connect to the machine hosting the PMI from outside the network like (ipaddress:port#), I am able to see all the projects and launch them. I am also able to launch the designer, but when I try to get to the configuration page to reset the trial period, I get the error below. Is this a feature of PMI or do some of my settings need to change?

HTTP Status 403 -

type Status report
description Access to the specified resource () has been forbidden.

FactoryPMI Gateway/2.2.0

Yes, it is a feature, and yes, you can turn it off via some settings. To turn this off, uncheck the “Setup Site: Restrict Connections” field under the “System > Settings” section of the FactoryPMI Gateway configuration.

Hope this helps,

That worked. Thankyou.