Unable to Remove Tag Groups

I’m using Ignition v8.0.14. The image below shows the tag groups that appear in the list when editing a tag. I want to get rid of all that tag groups that start with AA which were created when I imported a tag structure which I have now deleted. Nothing should be using these AA tag groups. I opened the Tag Group editor as shown in the image which also shows many tag groups with a blank name. I deleted all the tag groups with a blank name and saved changes but these tag groups keep appearing after I reopen the Tag Group editor.

I got exact same issue on 8.0.16

Ignition support told me they are aware of this issue and has been addressed in their software but not released yet. To get rid of the blank Tag Groups, you have to find all the Tags that are referencing a non-existent Tag Group and then fix the tag to use an existing Tag…or you can just remove the tag or entire tag structure depending what you are trying to do. THEN, the last step is to restart the Ignition Windows Service which will make the blank Tag Groups disappear.