Unable to Restore Gateway - Java zip

When trying to restore a gateway, (Ign. v7.5.5 (b1255)), (32bit Java version 7.15), I get an error:
[color=#FF0040]Error writing to restore file: java.util.zip.ZipException: invalid distance too far back[/color]

Since we didn’t know exactly what ‘too far back’ meant, we put the gateway file we wanted to restore on the desketop so it wasn’t embedded in multiple sub folders, but that did not work either.
Any suggestions??

Can you open the .gwbk file with regular zip software?

Kevin. We were not trying to unzip the gateway backup file, we were trying to restore the gateway via Ignition when we got that error message. Have not tried to unzip that file.

Right, see if you can even unzip it though. I want to see if your zip file is corrupt or not.

You are correct - the file was corrupt. Tried to open it with another unzipper and it would only do a partial unzip because of a corrupted file. Also tried to restore the same gtwy backup on another machine with Ignition to see if it was an anomaly, but had the same Error result.
Thank you for your help!