Unable to retrieve edit lock for resource error

Restarted the gateway and rebooted the server, still have the "unable to retrieve edit lock for resource error " any ideas?

Many thanks!

The Status / Designers page on the Gateway will give you a little more detail about the workstation and the project that has the resource locked.
Is EINKCIAS01 the name of your server?
The IP Address indicates that it might be.
Is Designer configured for auto-start on the server?

Once you get this solved, I recommend stop using the “admin” account for anything and change the “password”. Use individual user accounts, even if you are the one and only user on your gateway.

We are running a test with a local system.

This is on a test CPU on a desktop, the only way to rid the error was to delete the report and add it from a saved project. The restart/reboot/etc. did not work. Thanks.

Have you clicked on the Update Project/Merge Changes button in your designer?