Unable to see updated values

I have created a OPC Client connection where i have done setup for my simulation server, now the server is connected and i also setup the ignition UDT and Member tags part, after which i got the constant value mentioned in my OPC ua simulation server into ignition member tags. Now my problem is that when i update the values in my OPC UA Simulation server, It does not get updated in Ignition. What i want is every time i update the values in my opc ua simulation server, the values should get updated in Ignition as well.

I am new hee, so please ignore if i have made any silly mistake.

Thank you in advance.

If you connect a 3rd party client like UaExpert and create MonitoredItems for those same Nodes do they update?

You should be seeing updates if you have created OPC tags, but there's not really enough information to troubleshoot here. If the OPC tags are not in an error state then my first inclination is to blame the server - OPC servers are responsible for sending value changes to OPC clients.

Hey kevin, Thanks for responding. Actually i had manually created UDT's and added opc tag path to them so they were not getting updated. I just did the drag thing and it worked. I wanna know one more thing , are you familiar with cyrrus link ? how does model creation exactly works on sitewise ? I mean i have done the whole setup but i dont understand how ignition knows that i am done creating my hierarchy in ignition and it can send it's information to my broker connected using mqtt transmitter ? let me know if my question isn't clear