Unable to start - context faulted

On site, trying to bring up a backup copy of Ignition version unknown (7.2.?)

Getting "Error loading internal database “settings”

Caused by … error in script file line 150 java.io.EOFException in statement [SET TABLE PUBLIC.SRFEATURES INDEX ‘50 0 13’]

Sounds like something is wrong with the internal database that Ignition stores its configuration in. You said you were restoring from a backup? Perhaps you could send the backup to us so we can take a closer look?


It was running several months ago then shutdown. Today I tried to start it up :frowning:

Copied everthing off then upgraded, restored backup. stuff started working. I’ll zip up the files and send them to you when I get home.

Ignition dir has been zipped and uploaded as Ignition - 7.2.5 broken.zip

somewhere in the mists of time, I believe this was solved. At lest it’s no longer bothering me.