"Unable to start gateway"

I am running 8.1.18, trying to install ignition. It is saying " Unable to start gateway".
I thought that my gateway had started already in going through the install. Java process exec failed with error code 1: SYSTEMD_KILLMODE is set to 'process' on the top of the script, but the daemon is running with KillMode=control-group.
Can anyone help me to correct this situation.

Are you upgrading from a previous version, or is this a clean install? Also, what OS and version are you running?


Kevin, this is going to be a clean install. I removed 8.1.5 from the edge device. Do I need to install it back? The OS windows &

ignition 8.1.15.

If the OS is Windows why would there be SystemD settings? That's a Linux thing.

My apologies, it is Linux.


Gerald Odom

While uninstalled, go through the various systemd/system folders (in /etc and various others varying by distro) cleaning out any old ignition files. And make sure you wipe /etc/ignition.

Then re-install.

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Phil, lets start at the begin. I receive the edge device. It has on it ignition 8.1.5 running. I run the ignition 8.1.18 to upgrade or install on top of 8.1.5 and at the end of my install I get the error above.

Thank you! , It is loading and gateway is starting.