Unable to uninstall DSxP opc server

richie 25NOV05 - Hey, don’t know if this is the right place to ask, but maybe someone can help… I installed the DSxP simulator server (took me a bit to realize that you have to set it to autostart before it’ll work with fsql, btw) but then decided to uninstall it… but after the uninstall it still shows up in the server list! I can’t figure out how to get rid of it… I can’t connect to it, and all the files are gone, but it’s still in the list. Any ideas?

Thanks… rich

Colby.Clegg 27NOV05 - Hello Rich,

Yes, we’ve noticed this problem as well. The problem is that the DSxP simulator does not unregister itself properly from the OPC subsystem before uninstalling. The easiest solution we’ve found is to do the following:

-Re-install the DSxP simulator.
-Open a command line prompt (Start-Run)
-Navigate to the install directory (default: C:\Program Files\DSxP\DSxPOpcSimulator)
-Run the following command:
DSxPOpcSimulator.exe /UnregServer
-Now uninstall again from the control panel. You should no longer see the server in FactorySQL (you may need to click the “Refresh Servers” button in the frontend).

Hope this helps,

Colby Clegg
Software Engineer
Inductive Automation