Unable to verify Production Item Error

Good morning!

I installed the SPC module and the demo project today, I modified the enterprise information and added some lines to do some testing but when I save the project to start the production model I get the following error:

No additional tables are created in the database, I verified that all of the database settings are pointing to my production database so I don’t think that’s the issue. Is there a way to force it to create the tables that it needs or do I have to manually create them?

The SPC Module will automatically create the tables. In addition to setting up a database connection, you have to also set which database connection you want the MES modules to use. It sounds like that may need to be done.

I verified that I have that database setting set correctly and it is. I didn’t have a number in the Cache Duration setting so I set that but I still get the same error. Do I need to restart the gateway maybe after installing the module?

You shouldn’t have to restart the gateway, but you can try.

Does Ignition have rights in the database to create tables and indexes?

Also, the MES modules only support MS SQLServer, MySQL and Oracle. Which database are you using?

I can try it later today, I can’t shut down the gateway right now. I’m using the same database as my normal Ignition projects so yes, it does have write access to the database and it’s a MSSQL 2005 database.

I was thinking though, I tried out the OEE module a while ago and I had a problem with some clients not being able to launch due to a Java 5 restriction (which has since been resolved) so I uninstalled it and went through and dropped all of the tables that it had created. Do you think that possibly may have something to do with it?

Yes that is possible.

Also, the OEE modules may have still been loaded in the system when you installed the SPC modules. They both share the production module. If you are no longer using the OEE, make sure the OEE Downtime, Production and Schedule modules are removed and then add the SPC module again. If you are still using the OEE module, you will need to upgrade all of the modules to the most current release. Normally you will have to do this but we improved how the production model is saved to Ignition projects.

Another thought, which version of Ignition are you running?

I found that after upgrading my servers to the newest version it started working and created the needed tables. I was only 1 minor version behind but I guess that was enough :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the help! Now I have to figure out how all of this stuff works :wink: