Unable to write tags

Hi all,

I have created a project on V.8.0 looking at Kepware Version 6. It seems that I am not able to write integer values from the OPC Quick Client and see them on the launch session.Any ideas?

You’ve verified the Gateway’s connection to the Kepware OPC server is healthy?
You mentioned you can’t see the any Kepware data in a client session, can you see it in the Designer?

Gateway’s connection to Kepware is healthy indeed. I can alter values on the designer but not from the Gateway. IT runs successful “writes” on the Gateway but doesn’t seem to change the values on kepware or on the actual launch session.

Are you sure that you’ve linked your OPC tags in Ignition to the correct browsePath or nodeID in Kepware?

It is indeed. In the end a restart on Task Manager for Kepware seems to have changed the issue. Thank you for your time.

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