Unbricking a project?

Let’s just say my delayed realization caused me to click ‘ok’ after putting a system.gui.messageBox() call into a table getBackgroundAt() extension function (yes, even after I had read the blatant warning in the default scriptage there)… :open_mouth: So now I can’t open the window to fix it since message boxes never stop coming. Is there any possible way to get at it to undo this? I’d rather not have to rebuild what I did in the window. Sadly it is not related to a tag or something I could rip out from under it so that it fails to execute.

Ok, nevermind, I had an epiphany right after my post… From another window, I threw the following into the action script on a button…

theWindow = system.nav.openWindow(“My Window”)
theWindow.getRootContainer().getComponent(“Table”).visible = False

“My Window” clearly being the window that is effectively hosed by the bad getBackgroundAt() script within the “Table” component. When fired, the window opens in the Designer and I can then get at the component scripting from the Project Browser and remove the offending (as in never-should-have-done-it) command.