Uncertain Quality on Reference Tag using Parameter in Source

So I’ve got some UDTs and tags that I’ve build that reference other tags. More specifically, we’ve got a fleet of Edge devices connecting through some modems and so on the server side, I’ve got a periodic script set up to populate a set of tags for each modem with their status, GPS location, etc. At each site, we have multiple Edge units connecting through each modem, so I’ve set up a matching UDT that takes the modem name as a parameter and references all the data from the Modem tags so that each unit has its own Modem status.

Previously this all worked well when adding a new modem. I’d copy/paste the tag from another unit, change the parameter to point to the new modem, and the tags would all work. Now (not sure if this started happening in 8.1.18 or 8.1.19 because we haven’t added a new modem in a while), some values work and others don’t. Trying to restart the tag doesn’t work either and the only way to fix it is to then copy/paste that same tag with the new parameter value, and the new tag works. So then I delete the old tag, rename the new tag, and it continues to work.

I have a feeling this is some sort of new bug, but curious if anyone else has had this issue.

I’m attaching screenshots with some private information blurred. Both tags are the same UDT and the same parameter, but only the one I copied and pasted works.



Look like you created a support ticket for this issue where the issue was resolved by upgrading to 8.1.20

I still think I’m having the issue as over time it has re-appeared. I’m going to dig into it more though. I want to try just doing a reboot of the system to see if that fixes it as well since last time a restart of the Ignition service occurred when doing the upgrade.