Ungrouping Multiple groups at one time?

Hello everyone. I'm working in Vision and I have a bunch of groups that contain a Text Label and A Green Circle that were created that need to be adjusted for size and position. The positions within the groups need to be changed in addition to the positioning of the groups themselves.

I would like to ungroup all of these at once, Align them as I need, and then regroup them in a more intuitive fashion.

Is there a way to select all of the groups and ungrouping? I searched the forums and the documentation and didn't find anything. If it's not a current feature, would be be possible to do myself with scripting somehow? Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

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You should make this a template. You create your template to contain your label and circle and create parameters that are bound to the label and whatever functionality the circle has. Then you can use a template repeater to replicate that template a number of times. When you alter the template, all of the template instances will update. In other words, you only need to make the change in one place :slight_smile:

Vision - Template Repeater - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation (inductiveautomation.com)

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Probably not. The issue is that ungrouping caused the inner components to be placed in the outer container with their current names. Names cannot be duplicated in containers, so ungrouping multiples makes for strange name-clash-checking corner cases.

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If you select multiple groups (using ctrl+select on the window or window tree, shift+select in the window tree, or the click-and drag selection boxes) you can ungroup multiple groups at once using the ungroup option.

But yes, likely better to use a template here.

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