Uniform Report Table Column width for Header, Detail, Summary

I am sure I am just overlooking a setting somewhere.
Looking to develop a table that will be 13 columns for all three row types.

  • Header
  • Details
  • Summary

While I can set the column count to 13 for all of them, there is no way that I can find to set them all to the same width. The “Column Width” field is greyed out (set to 10) but I cannot seem to either enable the ability or am looking in the wrong place…

Just looking to list some meter totalizers based on end of day… (00:00)

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

You can use select the ‘sync row above’ property on all three row types and then move the summary row as desired to configure the column widths.

For reference: Report - Table - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

Thanks for the feedback.
I will apply that approach