Uninstall and Remove all content

Ignition Version 7.8.3 on Windows Server.

We need to completely remove everything associated with an old Ignition install on a server. The Ignition service is disabled. Restarting the service would cause bad things to happen in the plant. The server cannot be isolated to prevent these bad things from happening.

A long time ago I read some instructions about which directories to delete in order to accomplish this but am unable to find them again.

Thanks in advance for either pointing me in the correct direction or providing directions again!

It looks like the 7.8 documentation has a section on there for uninstalling on Windows. If your install location has the uninstaller it will automatically remove the service from your server and then backup some of the files. If you don’t want those backed up files you can delete them, the documentation shows where they are, but it’s basically all contained within the install location.

Will that delete all the tags, projects, etc.? We plan on installing 8.0 right after the uninstall and don’t want the new installation to pick up anything from the old.

For 7.8 the tags and projects are stored in the internal database, so it will delete those.

It appears that the 7.8 documentation linked above does not apply any more, or I have a separate problem. There is no Start Menu uninstall option, and doing the Windows uninstall does nothing except produce a popup stating “Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.” Yes, even logged in as a Windows administrator.