Unintended Component Movement

Small gripe here that I've always had with the designer. Has anybody else experienced this?

When I'm editing one component and want to go to the next, whether I click directly to the next component or on to the root container first, sometimes the component I was working on will jump to where I clicked. Super annoying when I'm trying to align things and keep them aligned. I haven't been able to pick out a patter that consistently replicates this behavior.


I have experienced that. I have also had undo not apply to those movements and undo other things I did.

I've taken to checking the undo menu to see what action is is going to undo for this reason.

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Yes, that happens to me also, quite frequently...
I think that's what happens when you work really fast.

You have a component properties window open, then you close it and quickly click on the next component, the component you were working on moves to the place where you clicked.
Interestingly, if you select a component that has moved automatically, in the Project Explorer, a dashed square appears where the component was previously placed...

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I have seen this happen several times as well when working on my projects. If I remember right, when it would happen to me I found that if you close the window you were working on and save the changes then reopen that window. It will be back in it's original place. I haven't had it happen in a little while so I may be remembering wrong but that was the least annoying way of dealing with it when it would happen for me.

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I have also seen this behavior, but only in vision, not perspective and undo doesn't help.

Perspective or Vision? Add the relevant tag to your question.

It's Vision. And in my case on Windows.
I added a relevant tag to the question...

It's definitely at least more prevalent in Vision. I can't recall if I've ever had it happen in Perspective.

This has happened to me a lot in Vision when multitasking. I've suspected it had something to do with the application not understanding that I was using another application and seeing my return to Designer as a sudden click-and-teleport-the-mouse-across-the-screen, but I don't have any solid evidence.

Edit: I've seen it in Windows 10 with various 8.1.x versions.

I learned not to get click happy using Vision. :slight_smile: