Unique Component Identifier

Is there a unique value/identifier related to each component instance within a project or projects?

Are you asking for Vision or Perspective? Perspective technically has a unique path for each component, although that path can change depending on the structure of the View (adding/removing components), so it isn’t going to be the same for the life of your project. You are able to supply your own identifiers in a number of ways in Perspective. What are you trying to accomplish with this identifier?

This would be for a Vision component. I am looking for an identifying ‘value’ from the component regardless of component Name, as it may not be unique. Wasn’t sure if there was such a value in any underlying component data? I would like to capture this unique value to assist in sorting data received from multiple Comment Panel components.

Actually, it must be unique within any container. So the path of names from root container to component is unique. And there is nothing else you can rely on. Everything else within Vision passes the actual objects around–that’s unique at the Java level, but only for the lifetime of the object.

What exactly are you trying to do with it? There may be an easier way.