Unique device name for Android mobile scanner in mobile 7.9

Is there a way to get a static unique identifier from a mobile scanner under the mobile 7.9 module? I need something similar to [System]Client/Network/Hostname on desktop apps? the UserAgent field doesn't appear to be specific to the device, and the RemoteAddr field is not specific to the device either as these scanners are used on multiple VLAN's using DHCP. The goal is to map this unique device ID to a sequential number that I will use to access a multi instance set of tags. Each scanner will have it's own set of tags.

7.9 mobile module is just a Vision client being rendered in a browser canvas...

Can you use client tags to achieve a set of tags per scanner instead? I don't think you'll have much luck getting any kind of unique ID.

See this post

No, I can't use clients tags as there is SQL processing that occurs and this processing is triggered by a gateway tag change event. I should be able to just assign the tags as each scanner opens the app and then free them up once they close the app. I was just hoping to make it easy like I do on desktop projects where I map a hostname to a unique number that acts as the index to the tags.

Thanks for the info.