Unique Homepage for individual Sessions

Currently we have one project for each of our lines containing a page for each station. I would like to have a station startup on its page and not be able to access the other pages. We are using iPads with the ignition app and we do not have users log in.

We have considered breaking these down into projects that only contain the page/pages related to the single station. However this would increase our already long list of projects by 10x.

Is there a better/smarter way to do this?

@Tony_Rider We have a kind of similar case where we want to limit machine control to line of site to machines that are "bolted down". In short, we whitelist certain project resources based on the client host name. If you have anyway to distinguish the client host names this could be an option.



I was trying to do this, but I can't seem to get it to work

@Tony_Rider if you have statically assigned IP addresses ( very unlikely if you're using iPads) you can just use this:


If you are on DHCP and the IP address is not guaranteed, you can try to resolve the host name. One way being noted here.

But even once and if you have the host names, you'd still need some physical method to ensure that certain clients were only in the areas you want them in.