UNISEMS - Simulation Module for Ignition


We are pleased to announce Launch of [color=#0000FF]UNISEMS [/color]package as a [color=#FF0000]Simulation module[/color] for Ignition. Please visit [color=#0000FF]UNISEMS [/color]web site http://www.unisems.com for more details and a couple of introductory you tube videos for the package.

We will be present in ICC-2015 at Folsom CA from 21st to 23rd Sept 2015 and will be glad to demonstrate and discuss the [color=#0000FF]ARSCADA [/color]and [color=#0000FF]UNISEMS [/color]modules with you. Please write to info@pramanj.com to schedule a meeting during breaks in the conference.

Best Regards
PRAMANJ Technologies