Unit Conversion on Historical Data

I have a requirement to be able to change units when displaying data. I’ve got real time data locked down, and I can use calculated tags to display most historical data, but I’m not sure how I am going to handle displaying historical temperature data.

Any suggestions?

After playing around a bit and looking at other posts I believe I have a method that will work for me.

Instead of converting the value, I am going to use the linear scale component to create my Y-Axis scaled how I need, then overwrite the X-Trace label to display the converted value.

For display purposes, the value should appear converted.

Still would be interested in hearing if there is a way to convert temperature for historical trends, maybe create custom calculated tag functions?

another option would be to use the queryTagHistory function to pull back a dataset, then use python to iterate thru that dataset and convert your values. Then push that to a classic chart. just a thought.