Unit simple letters

Hi everyone,
How to put 'simple letter'
binding at the end of the value. refer the attachment

A couple of points.

  • Usually the value and units are separate items. It makes it easier to do things like alignment (numbers to the right of their column and units to the left).
  • SI standard recommends a space between values and units, so 12.3 mm rather than 12.3mm. (The numbers and units are separate words after all.)

To answer your question, the format transform "will take input values, evaluate them as numbers or dates, and then apply formatting". It's limited in its abilities. Use an expression transform instead.

numberFormat({value}, "#,##0.0") + ' mm'


Personally I also prefer to set the units in the tags and then have this expression output those units, just in case later down the line your units change, you have a single point to modify rather than every mimic


If we were all organised we would add the engineering units into the tag definition. Then it can be picked up from there.



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