Unitronics Uniopc server


were are working on a project with uniopc server from Unitronics. There’s something different about that opc server, on some computers it seems to start by itself when FSQL starts, and then everything is ok. But there’s something we need to do in order for that to work. Let me know from your’e knowledge if there is anything in the FSQL config part that I need to change.


To see what I mean, you can download the uniopc server on www.unitronics.com, it’s completly free for you too try…there’s the DCOM config to configure but I don’t see much more, I know there is one thing that makes it star by itself once it is configure correctly, I just don’t remember what.


It’s been a little while since I’ve played with that server, but if I recall correctly, you need to go into settings (on the server) and point it to the project file to run, and tell it to “start automatically”. That “start automatically” actually refers to the OPC functionality instead of the actual program, as it has a “running” and “not running” state that it can be in.

With that set up, you’ll want to make sure that FactorySQL has Launch rights in DCOM. This usually means going into dcomcnfg and making sure that “everyone”, “system” and even “anonymous user” (sometimes) have launch rights.

I kind of have a feeling that FactorySQL may need to run as an application, but I’m not sure. Try the previous suggestions out and see how it works for you.