Units of scale of the user interface 800x600

Hi guys
Sorry if this is a silly question…
What units is the scale of the window on designer?

By default minimum size is set to 800 x 600.
I’m trying to change the windowed properties of launch to be at 195 x 117 mm, so at launch of a vision client it is immediately in the size of a Siemen’s TP900 comfort panel. However, when I change the winowed properties as such, the window appears to be tiny. Pic attach of the window, definitely not at 195 mm


They’re pixels. I don’t know how you would map that to a physical measurement like mm in a hardware independent manner.

Try 800x480?

ooh its the resolution?

So under Project Properties> Launching > windowed properties the width and height are also referring to pixels?

Everything is pixels.

That’s alight, since components are anchored/ relative to sides its no issue. thank you!

Just wondering, does the “launching” > Windows Properties> Width… does this include size specification include the window banner or just the designer user interface?

You have to bump those up yourself to allow for the platform’s window decorations.