University and Maker Edition

I’m just getting started with Ignition, so Hi to all. I’ve been going through the University courses, but I have found several differences with the content and what’s present in the Maker edition.

The main issue being with the property editor. In maker I only see the perspective property editor and it doesn’t show the same options as the regular property editor shown in the videos. Is this a limitation of maker, or a common Noob mistake? Using Ignition Designer 8.1.2

Maker only includes the Perspective module, so I’m guessing you’re watching some videos about the Vision module.

Yes, sorry I should have identified the video series I was watching. It is the “understanding Vision Components; Component Properties”

The vision module is for making full screen desktop applications that are java runtimes. They certainly serve their purpose.

But, you want to be learning the perspective module. That allows you to make HTML5/CSS3 web based runtimes.

Thanks Wking. I will check out that section.

To clarify, Perspective is also used for making full screen desktop apps, just using a different technology

With a lot of caveats. When people talk about desktop apps, they generally are thinking of an app that has all the normal local user’s filesystem and execution permissions. Vision does, Perspective does not.