Unix based systems communications

Can I communicate UNIX based system with FPMI. What are the settings to be done? And the PLC is MP200/1(ABB).

I’m sorry, I don’t have any idea what you’re asking. Could you be more specific please?

The communication from the PLC needs to be converted to the OPC standard, either via OPC-DA or OPC-UA. OPC-DA servers need to be ran on Windows, because it is COM based. I doubt you will see a native UNIX OPC-UA server this early as well. Looks like your sticking with running some box on Windows my friend. Also To get FactoryPMI to talk to a PLC, you need some sort of transaction manager, in this case, FactorySQL, which only runs in Windows.

Have you checked out Ignition yet? :smiley:

... to be specific, look into the OPC-UA and SQL Bridge modules.

Are you kidding?

The problem with your answer is that no one has an OPC UA server to talk to his PLC, so hes stuck running Windows for now. I am fully aware that Ignition can be run in Linux.

Whoops, didn’t see the MP200/1(ABB) part … guess I should try reading instead of skimming …

lol I figured, but wasnt sure.