Unknown Binding Value

I have some pipes on a screen that change color (using enabled/disabled image paths) when they are in use. The enabled property is bound to a set of root container custom properties which are in turn bound to expressions based on various pump/valve statuses.

My issue is that I frequently see unknown value overlays on a small number of pipes that come and go, seemingly at random, over long periods of time. The problem seems to only be with the pipes’ enabled binding, as the root container property bindings always report good quality when I run diagnostics on them. Also, the problem usually only shows up in the clients and not the designer (though I have seen it in the designer occasionally).

If I edit the binding on the pipe and then just click OK without actually changing anything, the binding resolves correctly and the overlay goes away. Sometimes that gets rid of the problem for a few minutes, sometimes hours. I’ve also noticed that one pipe can be fine while a pipe right next to it has an unknown overlay, despite being bound directly to the exact same custom property. You can see this in the screenshot I’ve included, the vertical pipe at the top left is bound to the same custom property as the pipes adjacent to it, yet has no overlay.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Can we have an example/printscreen of your binding on the pipes parts?

Sure, here are the bindings for one of the pipes that currently has the unknown overlay on it, as well as the tag diagnostics for the tag it’s ultimately bound to. A lot of my bindings are expressions but I thought I’d show you this one, seeing as it’s a bit more straightforward. I’ve also included the diagnostic results for the root container, which shows the custom property binding as good but the component binding to that custom property as unknown.