Unknown CSV format from RSLogix 500

I’m trying to import a tag list from RSLogix 500 into Ignition Designer, but I’m getting an error that says “Unknown CSV Format.”

Ignition V7.9.11
RSLogix 500, V11.00.00 CPR9

Here are some of the entries in the CSV:

Ignition has its own CSV and XML format for tags (and JSON in 8…), you can’t just import the CSV export from another piece of software.

Export a folder full of OPC tags or something from the designer and take a look at the format. You’ll have to convert from the export format of RSLogix to the import format of Ignition.

It be would be much appreciated if you guys could re-introduce Export to CSV in 8.x

Adding back CSV export is pretty unlikely to happen. You can post to ideas.inductiveautomation.com - that’s our best way to gauge community interest. If there’s a great deal, then we (read: not me, personally) may revisit the decision, but without that it’s not going to be worth the extra maintenance effort on our part.

It’s not just a maintenance problem either; the amount of configuration a tag and all its alarms and UDT definitions etc… has does not translate to CSV.

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We are working on a plant with 350 modbus devices, about 350.000 tags. Importing from excel documentation is essential. :slight_smile:

As a work around to get the right syntax, we exported tags from a running 7.9 system. Example is attached for everyone who need to download. Link below.

Please note that it seems that Ignition 8 does not support any (?) of Excels CSV formats, so you will need to do the work in excel and paste as text into the .CSV file from the example using notepad.


Consider migrating your documentation to a database, from which you can query precisely for these tasks. And even better, connect it to Ignition and use its DB and tag scripting functions to automate tag management. Should be a slam dunk to justify in a large facility.