Unknown Error in Logs

We are having a few problems with our equipment that is being run with Ignition. We can't seem to recreate the error but I found this error in the logs around when the problem was happening. Does anyone know what this error might mean?

Can you show the property change script that is throwing this error?

It's apparently on root.custom.RequestStopcodePopup

Is this what you are refering to?

No, that doesn't look like it.

I would expect there to be a view with a custom property RequestStopcodePopup on the root with a property change script attached to it.

What you have provided is an onActionPerformed script, and the binding on some button.

I found the custom property "RequestStopcodPopup" but it doesn't seem to have any scripts attached to it.

You are showing the binding dialog when you should be showing us the event configuration dialog.

This is the only event configuration

You've got a def with no executable code.
I think I had a problem with this once even though the action was disabled.
Try in this order:

  1. Put pass into the funtion so it has something (nothing) to do.
  2. Delete the action.