Unknown Issue With Perspective

I am having an issue occur on one of our prospective projects that I can't seem to trouble shoot. We use a perspective project as an HMI for our machines that controls which recipe the machine is run on, based on the Part Number entered.

(The errors are there because it needs an IP address from the machine to run properly)

We are having an issue where the machine will randomly change recipes while the machine is running, without any other outside input.

The only thing I could find, is these errors in the logs that happened around when the machines were beginning to run. There were 5 machines that had this problem and 5 of the similar WebSocketChannel errors.

Does anyone have an idea of what could cause these errors, and a potential way to fix them?

If the transfer is to be automatic when the part number changes in the PLC, don't have actions in a user interface do the transfer. Make the transfer in a gateway tag change event script, or transaction group, perhaps. UIs that participate in an automatic control loop are dangerous and problem-prone. Actions in the UI that write to your control system should always depend on a user trigger. (Button action script, ideally.)

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Do you think adding a "Submit" button that would start the changing of recipes, would potentially fix the issue?

Yes, likely.

Ill give this a try and report back, if it is a fix or not.

Thanks for the help.