Unknown OPC tags in SQL Browser

When I move a tag from the OPC browser to the SQL Browser the value will go from null to 0 and then the tag has a green question mark. Under the tag diagnostic the message says unknown and the quality is unknown. How do i fix this?

It sounds like the production model is not running.
In the designer go to your production line and look at the top level “Production” item. It should have a green arrow indicating it is running. Also the State label in the status panel at the bottom right should show running.
If it is not running you can make sure that the configuration is set to Enabled. Also confirm that it can connect to and has rights to a valid datasource.


I’ve checked those things and I do have a green arrow and the state shows running. There is an alert that says “Maximum number of licensed lines or cells exceeded” but my license has five cells. Could this be the issue?

Do you still have the demo project loaded? If it’s production model is running (even though you are not viewing that project) it will count against the license. Open that project and disable it’s production model.
Also, what version of the ignition and the MES modules are you running?

Ignition 7.3.1 (b496)
MES 1.3.0 (b111003)

I’ve gotten to start running but it seems that when i make a change to an production item is when this problem occurs.

I’ve gotten it to start working by closing the client, designer and gateway. then reopen all. But that doesn’t always work.

It’s currently not running.

Please send your exported console logs and I could take a look at that.

After I disabled the Demo project my project still had unknown tags, so I deleted the demo same issue. I created a new project, same issue. I’m at a stand still. File attached
logs.bin.gz (385 KB)