Unknown Query Name

Hi all,

Every day we are running a report that writes some data in a database. This always worked perfectly but apparently it is able to miss sometimes.
Since this always triggers at the same time, it was easy for me to check the wrapper logs. In these log files I’ve found following error:

  • !!! Unknown Query Name “name-of-the-query”

This is strange because the named query has always been in the project and has always worked fine (as it is now). Maybe a stupid question but is there any way I can avoid this error? It is pretty critical, so every time it misses it can have consequences.
This is how it goes:

  • Report scheduled every day
  • Report does the action “Run Script”
  • In the script, the named query is called
  • Data is written to database

Or would this be a case of Murphys law? :smiley:


Looks like the error is in the script itself (I did not wrote this myself).
Guess I have some research to do