Unknown ReadIdentityObjectRequest in Gateway log

In my server log file at Gateway->Status->Diagnostics->Logs, I see a constant barrage of the same error:

W) ReadIdentityObjectRequest Error reading CIP IdentityObject: connection timed out: /192.168.1.x:44818
where “x” is 1, 2, 3, or 4

I cannot find anything online about this. Can anyone clue me in?

It’s a request from a Logix driver to read the CIP identity object timing out. You can mute the log statement for now…

I think there might be a bug fix necessary here, either to figure out why this “rogue” request is happening (if that’s the case) or to just change the log level.


Thanks for the response.
A) Please excuse my ignorance here, but how do I “mute” the log statement?
B) What is the next step for a final resolution? How do I proceed with figuring out why this “rogue” request is happening?


On the log levels page you can set the level for the ReadIdentityObjectRequest logger to OFF.

If you’d like to send your logs to support that might help figure out what’s going on, but if all your Logix devices are currently connected there’s nothing else to do on your end - it’s just a bug on our end.

Thanks Kevin,

I’ve silenced the error and sent support a log file.


Hi Doug

Did Support point you in a direction about this log event?

I seem to be having the same issue with some CompactLogix on the gateway

Log event

Error reading CIP IdentityObject: Connection timed out: no further information::44818

Very little information about it and setting the logs to trace or debug dont give any further information that i can see.

Ignition 7.9.7

PLC Firmware both V24 and V29 affected at this time, whilst V28 is fine.

All affected PLC’s are not connecting after they used to be.

Gateway reboot did not fix the issue.



No. I haven’t heard back yet. I gave them lots of data to sort through. I feel like it will turn out to be a bug. Can anyone from Inductive Automation comment on the status of this?


Yeah, pretty sure it is a bug, but @0sm0 seems be to describing a different issue.

The bug we’ve seen is that on otherwise working connections you have this identity request failing in the background.

If your connections aren’t working that’s probably something else entirely.

Thanks guys,

It appears that we had a suspect switch in the network. The confusing part was that Rslinx and Studio5000 would happily connect to the PLC where Ignition would not.

Ignition must be a little more fussy when it comes to connectivity…

Switch replaced and all good.



I have it muted on the Diagnostics Log page, but these are still filling up my wrapper log. Is there anyway to mute it there as well?