Unlicensed Ignition Web Browser module

I have downloaded the web browser module and am currently running it in trial mode. All is well inside of the designer, I can add pages, URLS, HTML, etc and preview it just fine. However, when I publish my project and open the client all I see is a text box with “Unlicensed Ignition Web browser Module”. I have tried restarting the module several times inside of the gateway but that didn’t work. Also, something that may be related is that even though I am using the module both in my client and in the designer the state in the gateway shows being “loaded”.

Ignition version: 7.8.2
Module version: 2.8.2

Figured it out, I have not had enough coffee for today…I had some other expired trials in my gateway and didn’t notice that the trial for the web browser module had not been started. After resetting the trial in my gateway, it works like a charm!