Unselect TabStrip


I have a issue and it’s about a tabStrip

when I click on the button, it goes to the path where I want and when I go back to where the tab is, that tag stays selected and therefore I can’t use it again because it is selected.

¿is there any property/option where I can refresh the page or deselect the tab to make it active again?


Go to the vision property editor for the tap strip bind the Selected tab to a system tag:[System]Client/User/CurrentWindow

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Can I refresh the page with this property?

It doesn’t refresh the page, it just shows what window you have selected.

Note that this tag will only be reliable if all of your main window operations use system.nav.swapTo, to ensure only one main window is ever open at one time. (Same as for system.nav.getCurrentWindow.)

can be a little more specific please :slight_smile:

What should I do? use an expression in the selectedTab property and make a condition calling system.nav.getCurrentWindow()!=“Home”?

something like that?